thank you for reading what if there are mistakes please provide feedback so that her future better

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Ramoncito Campo dan Hernelie Ruazol Campo (Foto: Reuters)

Ramoncito Campo dan Hernelie Ruazol Campo (Foto: Reuters)

Couples desperate to get married when there is flooding

MANILA – Flooding is not a significant barrier for those who have a strong determination to tie the knot as a married couple. At least, this is true for Filipino couples Hernelie Ruazol Ramoncito Campo and Campo.

Ramoncito and Hernelie reportedly kissing tenderly after wedding vows in a Catholic church in Manila. The couple formalized their marriage amid the atmosphere of flooding that besiege Manila and nine other provinces. So reported the Daily Mail, Monday (13/08/2012).
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Freshly Pressed’s Best Of July 2012

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The Blog

The month of July has come and gone and we featured over 600 posts on Freshly Pressed. So here is a look back at ten of these stories: those we thought were the most interesting and those the community loved and engaged with the most.


Photographer Fraser McAlister shares the shots he took on a trip to Scotland: photos of hills, lochs, insects, and more spotlight the country’s beauty. The unique green/gray palette made this photo series feel visceral.

Crocheting to Change the Planet

We get a glimpse at the Crochet Coral Reef project in St. Petersburg, Florida and learn about climate change’s effect on the biodiversity of the ocean. And how could you not love jellyfish made of yarn?

Why Blogging Scares Me

A young blogger shares why she waited a month to put up the first post of her new blog devoted…

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Restaurant Find Lobster Various Colors

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Restaurant Find Lobster Various Colors

Lobster with Various colors (Photo: Emirates 24/7)

Restaurant Find Lobster Various Colors

Massachusetts – A restaurant owner was surprised to see the lobster shipment addressed to him. Posts were filled by a variety of lobster with a variety of colors.

“When employees when opening the mail that they were surprised, thought the distributor sends a cooked lobster,” said Fresh Catch Seafood Restaurant owner Bill Sarro, told Emirates 24/7, Monday (07/23/2012).

The reports on this odd-colored lobsters are rarely found in the New England region, Massachusetts. Lobster they get, usually greenish brown.

But in recent years, lobster-colored blue, orange, yellow, white and even color mix is often found. It seems the news about the lobster fisherman who finds a variety of colors ranging continues to bloom.

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The female bears Visit Shopping Centre

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The female bears visit Shopping Centre

Ilustrasi: Telegraph)

The female bears visit Shopping Centre

Frazer– Normally you see a bear in a zoo or a television. However, in Pittsburgh, United States (U.S.), a bear was seen freely walking in a shopping center.

 Female polar bears were seen entering Pittsburgh Mills shopping center at Fraze at 09.00 local time. Similarly, as reported by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and told UPI Tuesday (24/07/2012).

As a result of the event, visitors Pittsburgh Mills shopping center also had been evacuated while officers from wildlife conservation park trying to catch the bear.
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Oldest U.S. man dies

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Oldest U.S. man dies

Foto : Shelby Harris

Oldest U.S. man dies

ROCK ISLAND – Still remember the Shelby Harris atay familiarly called “Uncle Shelby”. 111-year-old grandfather died peacefully on Wednesday at a nursing home located in Rock Island, Illinois, United States (U.S.).

Harris, who was named the oldest man in the U.S. died when she was asleep. Both his wife and three daughters were told the secret of her memories with Harris.

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Grandfather 87 Years Marijuana Planted 400 Trees

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Grandfather 87 Years Marijuana Planted 400 Trees

Foto : Edward Bogunovich (handout)

Grandfather 87 Years Marijuana Planted 400 Trees

DENVER – A 87-year-old grandfather, Edward Bogunovich charged with more than 400 trees planted marijuana in her yard. But the defense insisted Bogunovich by saying that he was not marijuana.

“I do not have a pipe, I can prove it,” said Bogunovich, as quoted by ABC, Wednesday (08/08/2012).

However, Bogounovich admitted, he had to sell the plant before the police came to his house. 87-year-old grandfather told the media that he has documents that marijuana sales.
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Living with Cow Girl 5 Years

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Living with Cow Girl 5 Years

MOSCOW – When the general five-year-old child gets the full attention of his parents, but a little girl in Russia’s Ural mountains it has a different story. Rather spoiled by the parents but the girl would spend more time with the cows and making cigarette butts as a toy.

Mother and stepfather of a five-year-old girl who was known to the farmers in Perm, Russia. This girl’s parents reportedly prefers to let his daughter to live with the animals at the farm rather than send her to kindergarten. So reported Uralinform and RIA Novosti reported on Friday (27/7/2012).

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